Virtual Postural Assessment and Posture Work

Heather is now offering postural assessments over zoom. In a 45 minute sessions, Heather will observe you performing specific movements and analyze them and educate you on what your unique postural habits are. She will then create a plan for how you can work together to unravel these habits and create better ones in their place.

All you will need for the lesson is a computer set up where Heather can see your full body sitting/standing and a little room to walk around. Please wear comfortable clothing to move in and have a chair and soe open floor space.

There are three options when working this way over Zoom.

- The 45 minute postural asessment to identify your unique pattern and a few ways to change it.

- The 45 minute assessment and a follow up 45 minute appointment to go over a customized plan for you.

-  The assessment followed by a series of 4 lessons to work on the changes together and get guided support. This option also comes with text communication and reminders from Heather throughout the day while you are working together.

Fill out for Postural Assessment

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