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Heather Snyder Ippolito has been teaching the Alexander Technique, yoga and pilates for over 15 years and has a deep commitment to helping people find their mind/body connection and rediscover freedom and ease in their bodies. Heather understands that every person that comes to see her is a distinct individual with unique needs, priorities, and challenges on their journey towards optimal health. She structures each private session for exactly what that person needs and works with them to create a program that will help them meet their personal goals. Heather will analyze exactly what in a person's posture and movement pattern is causing them pain and discomfort and teach them how to make positive and sustainable changes. She includes yoga and pilates exercises in her sessions for those looking for specific exercises to support the postural changes they are making. Heather finds great joy in helping people feel better, emotionally and physically.

Heather grew up on LI and is now back now after living and teaching in NYC and North Carolina for the last 18 years. Heather completed her Alexander Technique training with the Manhatttan Center for the Alexander Technique, her yoga training with YogaWorks NYC and her pilates training with the Pilates Center of NY. 

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