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In this course, you will learn :


  • exactly what good posture is and why it is important

  • how poor posture causes spinal compression and pain

  • to idenitfy your own unique postural habits

  • how to lengthen and decompress your spine

  • how to pracitce this so it will be sustainable

  • exericses to support your posture work

  • valuable rest positions



You will also have access to a Facebook group offering support and feedback

How will this course help me?


The method I use, The Alexander Technique, addresses the root causes of spinal compression and pain by teaching you to become aware of your postural habits and guiding you toward better use of your body.


Pain is your body’s signal that your body needs your attention. Although chiropractic adjustment, massage, or pain relieving drugs can be helpful in reducing the symptoms of your pain, it will only be temporary unless you change the habitual movement patterns that led to the pain.


In this course, you will learn sustainable solutions to free yourself of chronic pain cuased by poor postural patterns. Regardless of how long you have had these patterns or the extent of your pain, you will be helped by the information in this course!


The course is divided into 5 chapters that can all be done on your own timeline. There are 30 short videos along with a workbook for each chapter. You will also have access to a Facebook group where everyone can share photos and videos and receive support and feedback. 


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